Visa refuses to remove ex-husband from credit card

I was about to go with Greenpath or CCCS and let them negotiate down the interest rates on the credit card so I could get them paid off more easily. I recently found out my ex-husband is still a joint owner of one of the accounts although he does not use it and doesn’t have a card for it. His name is just still on it. He signed a letter the bank provided to remove his name from the acccount and in fact wants off it. Just got a letter back from VISA refusing to remove him because my debt is too high. And that means I can’t go with either of those programs since he won’t be part of it.

Is there anything I can do? Other than just close the account? My credit cards are all with Chase and I was told Chase is one of those companies where all the cards have to be part of the program. I have three chase cards, but this one with his name on it, is the highest.

We have discussed here several times about sending them a drop-dead letter. One of the best places to get a sample is and do a search on drop-dead letters. You must send it registered mail so that you have proof they signed for it. Once you know they have signed for the letter, anytime they call, tell them they are in violation of the Federal law and are subject to you suing them. You must then keep a log of every time they call, what number they called and who spoke to you – by name if possible.

Someone recently stated that to save money, you no longer need to send it return receipt, If you send it registered, you can get your proof on-line.

Specifically, tell them they are violating the “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act” and you will call them once every month and if they call you, they will speak  to a dial tone, then hang-up! From my experience…. you cannot get an ex-spouse off an account unless you re-finance it in your name only.

This because, when they opened the account they considered both of your credit and lent to both of you and now you are saying only one person will take responsibility. So, it makes sense, as icky as it is.

I am stuck on my ex’s upside-down, repossessed car loan. He won’t or can’t re-fin and he repossessed it and won’t pay on the balance, so who knows what will happen. The divorce papers gave him the car and the loan, but that means nothing to the bank. Oh well..

I would definitely close all cards, but don’t think that will help at this point. Just snowball your way through it and once she’s gone – close her up.!!!

My ex took a van we bought together in the divorce and assumed all responsibility for it and the money still owed. When he stopped paying they started calling me and garnished my wages. I went back to court and got a judgment not that i ever expect to ever see any of  the money he owes me. And the lender and debt collectors all insist the divorce  settlement, signed by a judge, was illegal. Yet the judge held the divorce document to be  legal and binding when signing the judgement saying the ex was to repay me for the garnishment.

That is where I’m worried… I am in the same boat. So far, I have only had the calls… I went to the bank and asked them to send me papers with the balance and payment history, etc, so I could see what was going on. Nothing…….

(I also needed that because he claimed to have turned it in on repo by a certain date, and yet the van was seen at my workplace shortly after that and my son says that the van is “hidden” in his backyard still…. the bank said it has not been repo’d but they would like to. But if they give me no information, then how can they expect me to repay the loan? )

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