The employers don’t care

I’ve worked there for 9 years and it was nothing but night mare. They waited a week after I came back to work after the doctor released me. I was still in pain but not as bad. They wanted me to do thing that I wasn’t able to do. I told them that the doctor told me to take it easy and no lifting after 20 pounds for a while and I even had a doctor’s note. I was not completely healed. They don’t care. They like this girl who took my place for temporary but then made it permanent. A friend of mine who is still working there told me that she had screwed up big time and the employers are trying to fix the problems. That’s not my problems anymore. I will not go back even if they begged me. I was under paid and over worked. I found out that I made $2.00 less than the temporary girl and a friend of mine. That hurt me big time.

All I want now is to look for another job and get this bill collector to stop calling me. I’m even thinking about writing a letter to the credit card company to explain to them that I can only pay $25 a month like I have been and have them to tell the bill collector to stop calling me. I want them to drop the interest rate and the late fee charges from my bills. Can I do that? I also want an itemized statement since I’ve lost some of them while moving and my husband accidentally burn them.

Anything will help me to get these people to stop calling me even on my cell phone. I would like to know how they got my cell number. The last time that I’ve talk to one of them, I made them mad and I really don’t care. They want information of my husband’s job and etc. I told them to leave him out of it and leave him alone. They don’t need to know anything about my husband’s job, income and etc. They even tried to trick me of asking me of what my husband make and want to negotiate. I told them that I’m not going to tell them anything. Do they have the rights to do that?

You can send a “cease and desist” letter to the collection agent. I do that for all ours. Others here say that while they have to respect that, it is a trigger for lawsuit. I have not experienced this as yet.

I will not talk to collectors on the phone – all I will say is “I do not accept business calls at this number” and hang up immediately. You cannot trust anything they say over the phone anyway – everything has to be in writing. And they sure don’t like that!!! Was it Walmart? (your employer). Because I have heard many horror stories regarding them and FMLA violations. Somebody ought to do something…. (besides us no longer shopping there).

I work in HR and they can just fire you but if I were you I would file a claim with the EEOC for wrongful termination and see where that takes you. I am in the process of doing that for the last job that I was at I was wrongfully terminated and from the story that you are telling it sounds like you were too.

As for the debt not sure what you can do, I think that as long as you make payment arrangement and keep those arrangements they can not do anything to you. As for wanting your husbands info if you are the only person on the card they can not even ask for his info. I would ask to see if they are willing to settle with you I just learned that most creditors will settle for .40 cents on the dollar but not sure if they all are like that.

Hope this helps some, just know that you are not the only person in this situation and just take it one day at a time.

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