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bankruptcy Hi. I’m new here. Now, I need some advice. I lost my job like 6 months ago and my husband is the only one brings in the income till I find something. I will try to make this short. I got fired for some misunderstanding and was on medical leave for 7 weeks and got fired because my ex-employer wanted me to come back within 3 weeks. I had doctor’s note and everything to prove that I couldn’t come back any times soon.

I had a full hysterectomy in April of this year. Now, since I haven’t found another job and can’t get on unemployment due to their lies, I’m having a difficult time paying some of my bills. Bill collectors won’t get the hint that I’m not working and they don’t believe that I have a disabilities. I’m not trying to feel sorry for myself or anything but there isn’t anything out there for me.

I’m hard of hearing, with skin condition of Rosacea and have back problems. I want them to stop calling me and I’ve tried reason with the creditor. It was one of my credit cards that I couldn’t pay. They are charging me outrages interest and late fees. I wish I have never had credit cards. I want out of this and I’m tired of paying what I can and they still turned me in. What can I do? How easy or difficult is it to file bankruptcy?


If you were fired after a doctor’s note, does that fall under a violation of FMLA? Have you gone through the unemployment office and checked your legal rights? That being said, you are already behind…. so, that won’t help. But, first make sure your four walls are covered with the current income – housing paid up, food, transportation. Forget about the debt… get caught up with those things. After that is under control, you can start negotiating with the credit card. If they call, tell them you will speak with them if they are nice and only once every two weeks. When they call back, if they are not nice, hang up…

They are calling you on YOUR phone… If they call tomorrow, “Nope, it hasn’t been two weeks – goodbye – click.” Don’t fret over the fees just now – this is how they make their money…. They don’t care about you as a person, so just say “I don’t have any money right now – I’m don’t have a job. Click” Next time they call (2 weeks later) – “I still don’t have any money” or “I have $10 in my debt snowball.” If they make any offers, request them in writing.

Don’t pay anything without a written offer from them. Don’t allow electronic access to your checking – pay with money orders only. Have you gotten “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey? Check your local library and get it… it helps a lot.

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