It was a family owed business

No, it wasn’t Wal-mart. It was a family owed business. It used to grow alot till the founder died about 3 years ago. The sons and nephew took over. Every since then, all they think is BIG. Buying extra building surround it and etc. They were getting too big for their pockets. Every year around Christmas, the employees have to suffer with very little Christmas bonus. They even have Christmas party with door prizes and of course their families win it instead of employees. Should I go on? These people are horrible. I’ve been wanted to quit for year till I have to take off for surgery.

I have perfect records for not taking off from work for anything. I even gone to work sick as a dog and still made it through the day. I have never won the employees of the year. Their favorite employees who are also their friends won it. I would love to find another job but I found out that new employers will check for your credit rating and if they are really bad, they won’t hire me. Why’s that? I’m a workaholic and they won’t hire me?! Should it be against the laws for them to do that? I can pay my bills once I get a job. I’m having a difficult time finding one also due to my hearing impairment and bad back. What am I going to do? I’m in the dump all the time and I hate it. Any suggestions?

I am in HR and not all employers check your credit background most only do criminal just from my experience. Also it is against the law not to hire you if you have a disability. You do not have to disclose that information to your employer.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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