If you want to file for bankruptcy, you have to see an attorney

If you want to file for bankruptcy, you have to see an attorney. You have to also reveal all of your financial situation and get counseling (the new laws) before you can file. Many attorneys have a free 1 hour consultation before you decide to file. Make up a list of questions, so you use your free consult well, then go see one/call one.

You may have other alternatives, but they can help tell you where to go. If your hubby makes enough to skip BK filing, they will make payment arrangements with you two to prevent the BK.

I am in the process of filing Chapter 7 last Sepetmber I filed Chapter 13 than lost my job two weeks later but did not qualify for Chapter 7 at the time. Went back to work in January everything was going great, than I stopped making my Chapter 13 payment than lost my job in August of this year contacted my attorney and was able to convert to Chapter 7 which will cost $1500 not that bad to erase $20000 worth of debt I filed indvidually so my husband would not be affected. What I would suggest is just contacting an attorney take in all of your info they will tell you what you need and most do not charge for a consultation.

One thing that I learned just this past week is that most creditors will settle if you can come up to pay one debtor at a time. I was offered to pay at $3500 balance for $1400 not sure if you could do this but just wanted to run it by you as I would have opted for this instread of bankruptcy but my credit was already runied so it really did not matter what I choose. Hope this helps.

What your employer did was horrible, but may not be illegal. Companies with < 50 employees do not have to provide FMLA. If you have a doctor’s note, that should be sufficient, or the company may have other documentaiton it requires.

There were more then 50 employees before I came back to work. After I came back, some people were let go. They were mad because I didn’t come back to work within 3 weeks. The 3rd weeks after surgery, I can hardly sit in my chair, let alone to work. I wasn’t alow to drive while on pain pills.

They don’t care. I would check to see if they had FMLA, there are two requirements for you to have meet them have worked for the company for at least one year, and have worked at least 1250 hours during that year. Also you would have had to get FMLA paperwork filed out in order for it to qualify.

Most companies would just accept a doctors note but not all especially if they are trying to get rid of you. I live in Kentucky and as employers we can fire you for any reason I do know that not all states are like that you may want to check on that as well. Also not sure if you have or not but I would file for unemployment.

If you pay creditors electronically you are giving the creditor access IN to your bank account, and they can take what they want, when they want, because you gave them authorization at least once. I work at a bank and I deal with customers who have had this happen every single day.

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