Debt Settlement

Has anyone been successful settling with CapitalOne?
Thank you,

I did settle with them. They were going to take me to court. They had lawyers on me. They threatened to put a lien against my house, garnish my wages, etc. I did settle with them, but had to pay all of what I owed. I paid off their lawyer in payments, I think over three months. It was hard, but I worked extra and did it, and am so glad to finally be rid of them. I found they will work with you, but you have to pay it off as agreed, or they will sue.

I have a question, you said they were going to put a lien against your house. How can they do that if credit card debt is unsecured? Can they still go after your house? I don’t get it.

If they get a judgment then they can put a lien on the house to enforce the judgment but can’t act on it if the lien is less than your state’s homestead exemption.

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